Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't Hate Analogues!

Why do I make analogue cameras as part of my life? Because much can we learn through lomography.

◦Joy outing, tripping, etc.
◦Element of surprise because no one could anticipate the end of each output file
◦The anxiety everytime we are waiting for the films to get developed and scanned..
◦The happy-accidents-light leaks, blur, overlapped images
◦Lomo also taught me to accept the truth.. accept the result or photos as what they are .. no need to manipulate or edit the images because each image has its own art
◦Meet and share ideas, opinions, knowledge, joy, love and grief with the whole world lomographer at lomohome.
◦Lomo also have teach me a lot about management skills—events, setting up lomowalls,
◦Test of creativity and innovation force, to try something different from the others and thinking out of the box to get the best results or during experimenting with my lomo cams
◦It teach me not to give up and strive to achieve success or to get a good picture.
◦Provide freedom a-“dont think just shoot” and the freedom to experiment.
So, to all analogue haters out there, please dont dare to underestimate our lomo’ll be suprised to see how our pictures can turns into great art!


Amsyar said...

Congrats, leng !

ahleng ariKen said...

teruk betul english aku..aku guna google translate..keh3

dalang kehancuran said...

leng!!lu punye article keluar saing2 gua..
gua ingat LSI xkan publish article tu..
gua tunggu punye berzaman..
anyway congrats to you and semestinya LOMOKIDS!!

dalang kehancuran said...
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Abdul.Fatah.Firdaus (affah) said...

tepat sekali. syabas2. :)

ripsta said...