Thursday, March 4, 2010


Lomo LC-A (Sterling Silver, Egyptian Handcraft)

Lomo LC-A (Sterling Silver, Egyptian Handcraft).

Lomo LC-A (limited edition 100th of Lomography in Russia)

Lomo LC-A (limited edition 100th of Lomography in Russia).

coloured LC-As

Lomo LC-A (Zenith)

Officially the Zenit trademark was (and is) the property of the KMZ factory. However, this factory was owned by the Soviet Ministry of the Defensive Industry, who freely used the Zenit brand whilst exporting cameras made by the other factories they also owned to the West.

Perhaps the first was the Salut medium-format camera, made in Kiev, which was exported as the Zenith-80. (Note the 'h' spelling of the name). Later on, some models of the LOMO-compact camera were sold as Zenit LC-A.

Lomo LC-A ("70 jubilee of Great October Revolution")

Rare Type: "70 jubilee of Great October Revolution, 1987 year" inscription.

Lomo LC-A ("XXVII LKSM Congress")

Rare Type: "XXVII LKSM Congress" inscription.

Lomo LC-A ("XXVII CPSU Congress")

Rare Type: "XXVII CPSU Congress" inscription.

Lomo LC-A ("XXVII KPSS Congress")

Rare Type: "XXVII KPSS Congress" inscription.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

see what your camera see

aku slalu wat testing2 dulu mcm ni sblm shoot guna film..especially jika dlm satu2 mod..

cuma utk mod macro ni je yg aku sengal sket tak wat benda ni..ini baru nak wat

lens cap for my smena

-gua guna penutup bekas film konica centuria 100(seingat gua la)
-yg kiri atas tu lens teropong yg gua guna utk macro shots(yg sampai sekarang gua tak master2 lg..mencabar betul)

Monday, March 1, 2010

tak sangka~

thanks...terharu plak i...haha mcm haram...bacalah ni

tengok lah ni..